The modern pan is a chromatically pitched percussion instrument made from 55 gallon industrial drums. French planters and their slaves emigrated to Trinidad during the French Revolution (1789). Slaves, who could not take part in carnival, formed their own, parallel celebration called canboulay. Stick-fighting and African percussion music were banned in 1880. They were replaced by bamboo sticks beaten together, which were themselves banned in turn. They reappeared in Laventille, transformed as an orchestra of frying pans, dustbin lids, and oil drums. The 55-gallon oil drum was used to make steelpans from around 1947.


Panorama is an annual music competition of steelbands from Trinidad and Tobago. It is usually held around Carnival time. The first Trinidad Panorama was first held during Carnival celebrations in 1963. A popular Calypso is arranged into a piece for steelpan orchestra with introductions and variations over the theme. Since today it is a highly participated event who brings together all generations of steel pan music lovers.


DESPERADOES section - The Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, also called Despers, are a steelband from Laventille in Trinidad, formed in 1945. Since 1966 they went on to win Panorama on a total of eleven occasions. This Sections pays tribute to this outstanding Steel Band and it's fiery name based on a popular Western Movie from 1943.

RENEGADES section -Renegades Steel Orchestra is one of the oldest surviving steel bands in the world today. Its history date back to 1948. Renegades is perhaps best known for its domination of the National Panorama Competition in the eighties and nineties with nine victories between 1982 and 1997. The name ‘Renegades,’ was adopted in 1949, from a western movie by that name.

NORTH STARS - This St. James Steel Orchestra was formed in 1950 by a collection of panmen who left the Harlem Nightingales Steelband. The name of the band was taken from the 1943 American movie "The North Star". North Stars won the Panorama twice in the first two years of this competion – 1963, 1964.The band became inactive in 1972, but regrouped in 1995.


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