Where i can get tickets? Note: Only pre-sale tickets!

What to know about Berlin J’ouvert 2018? First of all we are happy that you will join our event.

Location: Club Humboldthain, Hochstraße 46, 13357 Berlin (Directly at S-Bahn Station Humboldthain)

Time: 5pm-10 pm – We urge you not to miss any of the action! So you better arrive early!

Entry: Please bring your printed ticket/s or present them on your mobile phones for scanning at the door. Guests must be over 18 years! No re-entry!

Package / Distribution / Scissor Corner: Upon entry at the premises, you will get your personal package at our distribution tables. Our helpful staff will distribute out the package according to your ticket number and it will consist of:

  • shirt, back pack, J‘ouvert cup & liquid paint

We will present scissors at a corner-station for  the purpose of alterations to your clothing.

The the package contains kids finger paint but please note that it is not intended for human consumption. Manufactured according to the European safety standards for toys EN 71-7. Preservatives: Phenoxyethanol,  Naringin, Environmentally friendly. Avoid  any contact with eyes. To sensiitive people, allergic reactions may occur. It should be easy to wash off, but slight residue could be possible.

Wardrobe: The venue will provide a wardrobe for 1€. You can use your back pack to store your clothes at the wardrobe. But please note that it is a J’ouvert event with liquid paint. So there’s no guarantee that your personal belongings will avoid contact with paint at the Wardrobe. We recommend that you leave your Sunday clothes at home!

Drinks and Food: Two bars with rum & coke specials (Havanna Club). Food: We will keep you updated!

The bar only accepts CASH payments, but there is an ATM outside the venue.

Shower: We will have a small open air garden shower to clean if needed.


It was not a simple task to organise an event like this in Berlin presently. As you might know, there are many regulations by law regarding noise and open air. We are glad that we have found Humboldthain Club – a partner who is encouraged enough to organise this event and mainly has no fear about all the paint & mad Soca Crowd.

In an effort to avoid any execessive noise problems with the neighbours, the police and / or health protection, we kindly ask that you pay attention to the following measures:

  • Protect you eyes especially if you are sensitive or wear contacts.
  • Do not throw paint directly in somebody’s eyes, face, DJ equipment or bar.
  • Do not bring your own paint or powder.
  • Whistles, Drums, Irons or any other similar noise instruments will pose problems for the neighbours.
  • No one is allowed to bring their own drinks into the event (also no Hydration Back Packs)
  • No soliciting in front of the club – it will affect the neighbours.

If you cause any damage, it will be covered by your personal insurance. In the event of willful property damage, it will need to be covered by your own funds. For most of these terms, you would have already accepted in the purchase of your tickets’ terms and conditions:

If you bring any of the above-listed items to the event, it will be confiscated with no guarantee of secure storage until the end of the party. Please leave it home.