status: december 2019

Costumes and Pick-up

Can I change my size or section?
No, sorry. Your costume is be tailor-made for you.

Can I cancel my order? Will I refunded my 50% deposit or full amount?
No, sorry. But you can give it to a other person, but they would have to fit into the costume based on what was ordered. The desposit or full payment is non-refundable.

When is the pick-up of my costume?
You can collect your costume at two dates. The 1st is approx. one week before and the 2nd is on Saturday of the Carnival Weekend. Detailed information will follow to your e-mail adress 2 weeks before Berlin Carnival. Also follow us on Instagramm und Facebook.

Can I buy single items of the costume? Or can I have costume part in other colors then on display? Do you offer customize or individual options?
No, sorry. Due to logistic and production reasons you can only buy the full costume or costumes as shown in the shop.

Can we customize our own costume?
Generally we say no. We spent a long time to create your costume and the look of the band. But nevertheless if you would like to add something it’s your choice.

Do you have Asian, UK or American sizes?
We have all of them. To guide you to you perfect fitting each costume has in the picture gallery a size guide. Please read carefully and chose your size wise.

Can I come with my self-made costume or of other Carnivals?
No, sorry, we are like to portray the theme together in the official band costumes. Furthermore with your costume price you also get a full carnival package incl. security, non-alcoholic drinks and many more.

Why you not offer shirts?
No, sorry we do not offer shirts. Our concept is Pure Mas that means only Masqueraders in full costume sorry, we are like to portray the theme together in the official Band costumes. Furthermore with your costume price you also get a full carnival package incl. security, non-alcoholic drinks and many more.

Can i buy a spare Band? Or wear a male costume to save money?
No, sorry we do not offer spare. This Band is for people who have the same understanding of Mas. Mas is full costume and presentation. If you a female identity wear a female costume and the other way around.

Do you ship the costumes? Can somebody else pick-up my costume?
No, sorry. We only offer pick-ups. We do not trust the various carriers to treat your costume with the care that it’s deserve. 😉  If you don’t have time on the pick-up date you also can send a representative to do so. (Please inform us in prior who will Pick-up your costume and give the person a power of attorney letter. Valid ID must be presented.)

What is when my favorite size or section is sold out?
In that case please go for another size or section. If you want to avoid this situation – please register and pay early.

Prices and Value

Why is the price higher then last year?
The prices are uprising because we offer you a bigger package with more value.  We requested to pay tax and fair payment at least German Minimum Salary. Furthermore the material and supplier are rising every year by 20-30% and we want to provide you always are better costume in the same or even better quality then last year.

What includes my Carnival Explosion Package?
A beautiful costume, non-alcoholic Drinks (coke, fanta, sprite, energy drinks, water, ice cubes – everything while stocks last), sandwiches, snacks, big music truck, professionally-trained security, a robe and a your personal wristband, the best in music, sound systems and Djs, roaming photographers, dedicated team of Carnival Explosion members, unforgetable fun, euphoria, excitement, ecstasy, plenty wines!

How do I pay my costume?
After sending your order you will get a confirmation with bank transfer or directly refered to PayPal. If you like to pay with other payment methods write us a message to carnivalexplosion@yahoo. If you choose 50% deposit you will get a Paypal invoice via e-mail.

Do I have to pay deposit? Can I do installment payment?
We offer a 50% non-refundable down payment with a few days after registration. The full payment is due 4 weeks after registration. We will sent you one reminder before cancellation. If there is no reponse within a week your order is subject to cancellation.


Can I store my valueables on the truck?
No sorry, there will be no space. Furthermore over the past years a lot stuff disapeared and we will take no responsibilty for that. Keep your valueables home.

Does Carnival Explosion has a rope?
Of course we will have a rope. Our friendly but tough security will make sure that only our Masquerades are in the band.

Berlin Carnival in General

When is the Berlin Carnival?
Berlin Carnival takes place annually on the widsun weekend. Therefore the date always changes. For 2020 the parade is on 31th May 2020.

Are Carnival Explosion and Carnival Fever the same band? Will they have trucks behind each other?
Carnival Explosion and Carnival Fever are completely independent and different bands. We, Carnival Explosion have a Pure Mas concept that means only costumes and only people with an official Carnival Explosion costume have access to  the Band. Carnival Fever offers mostly T-Shirts but also costumes. We are usally earlier on the road then Carnival Fever who have normally the last truck. The trucks are not behind each other.

Bielefeld Carnival in General

When is the Bielefeld Carnival?
Unfortunately in 2020 Bielefeld Carnival takes a break. So this time no Bielefeld Carnival but we work on other opportunities for you to wear your costumes twice. We will keep you updated.