TOUCAN – FRONTLINE – bra & headpiece option – SOLD OUT





12 pieces:  MIDLINE medium headpieces, breathtaking wire based comfortable back piece, bra with string back closure with rhinestones, beautiful decorated belt, 2x armpieces with rhinestones (fabric base, proper sewed), 2x legpieces with rhinestones (fabric base, proper sewed), 1 x necklace, bikini pants/ boy shorts , CARNIVAL EXPLOSION signature string back pack, CARNIVAL EXPLOSION reusable drinking cup with lid.
Your package for BERLIN CARNIVAL 9th June 2019 also includes: Premium security, rope, Premium Soca DJs, big music truck, breakfast sandwich, water, coke, energy, ice cubes, roaming photographers and many more. Due to regulations by the Berlin Carnival Committee we are not allowed to serve our Masqueraders any liquor. Just bring your own! All Masqueraders can join Bielefeld Carnival 15th June 2019 for free!
color: black-white-yellow-baby blue-red-gold
PAYMENT: Full payment within 2-3 days after registration via Bank Transfer or PayPal. For 50% down payment select paypal invoice payment. Please note for down payment there will added 10€ handling surcharge.
SIZE/ FITTING NOTE: see size advices/ If you need any other size as shown on display please write an email to
This product contains animal products.

Diese Website dient ausschließlich der Registrierung für die Teilnahme am Umzug des Karneval der Kulturen sowie der Entrichtung eines Betrages zu Refinanzierung der Kostüme. Ein kommerzieller Erwerb eines Kostümes ohne die Teilnahme am Karneval der Kulturen ist nicht möglich.

This website is exclusively for the registration of our costumes which enable you to participate in the Karneval der Kulturen Parade – Berlin Carnival 2019 as well as payments or amounts towards your costume. We do not facilitate purchasing of a costume without participating in  the Karneval der Kulturen Parade – Berlin Carnival 2019.


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No 1 – 32A (EU 70A -UK 32A), 30B (EU 65A -UK 30A), No 10 – 36DD (EU 80E – UK36DD), 38D (EU 85D- UK 38D), 34DDD(EU 75F – UK 34E), 40C (EU 90C- UK 40C), No 11 – 38DD (EU 85E), 40D (EU 90D), 36DDD (EU 80F), No 12 – 42D (EU 95 D – UK 42D)), 40DD (EU 90E – UK40DD), No 13 – 42 DD (EU 95E – UK 42DD), 42 DDD (EU 95F – UK 42E), No 2 – 32B (EU 70B – UK 32B), 34A (EU 75A – UK 34A), No 3- 36A (EU 80A – UK 36A), 34B (EU 75B – UK 34B), No 4 – 32C (EU 70 C – UK 70C), No 5 – 36B (EU 80B – UK 36B) 38A (EU 85A- UK 38A), No 6 – 32D (EU 70D – UK 32D), 34C (EU 75C – UK 34C), No 7- 40A (EU 90A – UK 40A), 38B (EU 85B – UK 38B), No 8 – 34D (EU 75D – UK 34D),36C (EU 80C – UK 36C),32 DD (EU 70E – UK 32DD), No 9 – 36D (EU 80D), 38C (85C),34DD (EU 75E), 32DDD (EU 32F), 40B (EU 90B)

bottom style

bikini pants, boy shorts

TOUCAN bikini pants

L (EU 40 – UK 12), M (EU 38 – UK 10), S (EU 36 – UK 8), XL (EU 42 – UK 14

TOUCAN FEMALE boy shorts

2XL (EU 44 – UK 16), 3XL (EU 46 – UK 18), L (EU 40 – UK 12), M (EU 38 – UK 10), NONE ( I have bikini pants.), S (EU 36 – UK 8), XL (EU 42 – UK 14), XS (EU 32-34 -UK 4-6)